Modern Rolex Boxes – Fake Spotting

Rolex Boxes - 2 Real and 1 Fake

Sometimes unscrupulous sellers will pair counterfeit Rolex boxes with authentic watches in order to increase the prices they can realize for their preowned watches.

Not having an original box for a used watch is no sin… After all, people move and misplace things.  You really can’t be expected to hold on to a box for the lifetime that the watch can last.  However, trying to fool someone into thinking a watch is more complete in order to realize a higher price… Well, that’s just dirty pool.

One particular box (rather nice for a counterfeit) has been making the rounds lately so we decided to raise awareness and point out what to look for.

Three boxes are pictured, two are authentic.  The answer to ‘which one is fake?’ will be at the bottom of the post.

You’ll notice the gold crown is different in each one.  But it is a clue!

Rolex Boxes, Fake and Real

Here we show the insides of the box.   Remember only one is the fake!

Rolex Boxes, Fake and Real

Are you ready for the answer?

The box on the left is the counterfeit!  The box on the far right is the current (as of 2016) Rolex box.  The box in the middle is an authentic Rolex box from the late 2000s, early 2010s.

After some back and forth you might notice the box on the left is very nearly a mishmash of the two authentic Rolex boxes with the construction of one and the color of the other.

Had the color been correct it would certainly have been harder to spot this fake.

Remember when you purchase a pre-owned watch you are buying the reputation of the seller, so purchase from someone you can trust.



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