Should I Sell My Rolex?

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Common Concerns When Selling A Rolex: I got it as a gift so is it okay to sell it? What if I changed my mind later? I might have some non-Rolex parts… I don’t have box and papers.. I’m not sure if it’s safe to sell online.. These are fair questions and concerns, and we’ll attempt to discuss the impact of these, as well as the effect on the buying process. So Should You Sell … Read More

Swiss Dive Watch Photographs & Observations

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It is no secret, we sell a lot of dive watches here at Bernard Watch. Like an SUV and rugged terrain, many “professional” dive watches will never see their way around a SCUBA suit or inside a diving bell. Also like an SUV, they are tough and built to withstand the elements. This makes them a great every-day watch! Just about every major Swiss brand offers a diver’s watch of some sort. For this blog … Read More

Why Is It Important To Wind My Automatic Watch With The Crown?

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We had a gentleman come into the office today with a nice Breitling Navitimer for sale. Typically when people have a watch for sale, they are not wearing it so the first thing we do is wind the watch up fully via the crown to power it. After that, we put it on our timing machine to see how it is running in the 6 common positions. Since he was wearing it, I assumed it … Read More

Free Patek Philippe Wallpapers

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Tucked away on Patek Philippe’s Website is a collection of about 2 dozen beautiful Patek wallpapers for your desktop in 4 sizes + some wallpapers formatted for a variety of Apple devices.    There’s also 2 Patek screensavers available free for download. We can understand when someone owns a Patek, it’s not something you’ll want to give up!   This keeps our supplies of Patek short. However, if you are growing tired of your Patek, please consider … Read More

How often should a mechanical watch be serviced? Why does a watch need a service? What is a service?

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A common question for a watch dealer or watchmaker is, “How often should a mechanical watch be serviced?” I asked multiple watchmakers and they generally went along with the watch industry recommendations. Most manufacturers recommend having a watch serviced every five years. Bernard Watch times every pre-owned watch that is being bought, sold, or traded on our electronic timing machines. We often find watches that we know to be eight to twelve years old and … Read More

Fake Rolex Tell Tales – Submariner How To Spot a Fake

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If you are looking for a genuine Rolex Submariner to buy, please review our Rolex Submariner inventory. We had a gentleman come in one day to offer a Rolex two tone blue Submariner he had bought mail-order from someone in Florida. Original Rolex boxes and booklets accompanied the watch. Nice touch, it makes you want to let your guard down. This watch is a good counterfeit with most of the markings. When I picked up … Read More