Watch Movements & Watchmaking Pinterest Board

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It should go without saying, but we love watch movements and the many details that go into making a timeless watch.  We have been pinning to Pinterest since April 2012 and have curated quite a collection of articles on watchmaking and beautiful photographs of movements.  You do not need an account to browse these public boards, so stop by and enjoy some the finer details of the watches we love.   via  

How often should a mechanical watch be serviced? Why does a watch need a service? What is a service?

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A common question for a watch dealer or watchmaker is, “How often should a mechanical watch be serviced?” I asked multiple watchmakers and they generally went along with the watch industry recommendations. Most manufacturers recommend having a watch serviced every five years. Bernard Watch times every pre-owned watch that is being bought, sold, or traded on our electronic timing machines. We often find watches that we know to be eight to twelve years old and … Read More