Watch Notes Of The Week: SIHH Exhibitors

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5 Watches from Brands at SIHH

The SIHH Exhibition is arguably the second largest watch event of the year and it’s about 1 month away (Jan 19). It’s celebrating its 27th anniversary! Richemont Group has the largest presence. Audemars Piguet and Richard Mille are the most well-known brands not from the Richemont roster. Below, are some current and past models offered by brands showing at SIHH.

Watch Notes Of The Week: Never Worn

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Watch Notes on Never Worn Watches

We focus on selling pre-owned watches, but sometimes great unworn watches come our way and we have to buy ’em so we can offer these goodies to our viewers. Here’s some select pieces! Rolex – Submariner Date This hefty chunk of gold is still new, but at a great price thanks to the warranty card having been dated January 2014. This watch is exactly the same as the models currently being produced. It even has … Read More

Modern Rolex Boxes – Fake Spotting

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Rolex Boxes - 2 Real and 1 Fake

Sometimes unscrupulous sellers will pair counterfeit Rolex boxes with authentic watches in order to increase the prices they can realize for their preowned watches. Not having an original box for a used watch is no sin… After all, people move and misplace things.  You really can’t be expected to hold on to a box for the lifetime that the watch can last.  However, trying to fool someone into thinking a watch is more complete in … Read More

Should I Sell My Rolex?

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Common Concerns When Selling A Rolex: I got it as a gift so is it okay to sell it? What if I changed my mind later? I might have some non-Rolex parts… I don’t have box and papers.. I’m not sure if it’s safe to sell online.. These are fair questions and concerns, and we’ll attempt to discuss the impact of these, as well as the effect on the buying process. So Should You Sell … Read More