Omega To Certify Their Master Co-Axials Through Non-COSC Institute

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OMEGA Seamaster 300

If you follow Omega on Instagram like me, this morning you may have noticed your Omega feed full of men’s faces. Notably SWATCH Group CEO Nick Hayek and OMEGA President Stephan Urquhart. Omega, in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) has announced a new watch certification for the Master Co-Axial series. While their new certification approach is unique, it is not exclusive. For about a decade Jaeger LeCoultre has been putting their … Read More

Which Watch Is Better? A Submariner or a Seamaster? Late 90s to Early 2000s Edition

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I am frequently asked “Which watch is better, an Omega Seamaster or a Rolex Submariner?” and the answer is difficult and complex unless the inquirer is very clear about which models of the two watches they are comparing and what they want to get out of the watch. The first step to finding the answer is to realize is that all Submariners are not the same and all Seamasters are not the same. There are … Read More

SWATCH ETA Movements, Pushing Ahead With Hamilton H-21 and H-31

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With the introduction of the Hamilton H-21 and H-31 SWATCH has stepped up their game by providing two very significant improvements to the 40-year old Valjoux 7750 movement: Improved Power Reserve and Accuracy. Learn more about how this budget-friendly brand is bringing great innovations to consumers. We also goes into some minor detail on the (dwindling) supply of ETA ebauches to other non-SWATCH Group brands.

Ask A Watch Guy: When Is A Movement “In-House” or ETA?

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A Customer Emailed Us This Question: “About 11 years ago?? maybe more I purchased a GP Richeville from you. The watch is fine.  This week I took it  to a watchmaker I deal with, who checked it, and casually remarked that the movement was an ETA movement.  I just wanted to know if that was the way GP did that model?   And if one buys a GP how does one know if the movement … Read More

JeanRichard Aquascope and Highlands

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A couple of weeks ago we teased you with a pair of JeanRichard Aquascopes, and we felt it was such a good value model, we dug deeper to bring you a wider selection at closeout pricing. Enclosed are our thoughts on the JeanRichard Aquascope and JeanRichard Highlands models.

To Polish Or Not To Polish Your Watch?

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You received your brand new watch a few weeks ago and today, horror of horrors, you knocked it on the sink faucet giving your watch a bright shiny new scratch. Or maybe you work in front of a computer and the buckle is already starting to show the classic ‘desk diver’ swirls. Scratches are unavoidable. Some enjoy the authenticity of an unpolished case, the decades old scratches that tell the story of a vintage watch … Read More

Art Inspired By Watches

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You have likely seen art made from watch parts in the past.  You have likely even seen some of the pieces below.  These are a few of the artists who have caught my attention the past year.  I hope you enjoy their art as much as I do.  If you really like it, I am including links to the artist’s studios so you can get in touch with them to order (and view more of … Read More