Art Inspired By Watches

You have likely seen art made from watch parts in the past.  You have likely even seen some of the pieces below.  These are a few of the artists who have caught my attention the past year.  I hope you enjoy their art as much as I do.  If you really like it, I am including links to the artist’s studios so you can get in touch with them to order (and view more of their work!).

Please note, we have no affiliation with these artists.  If you know an artist who should be included on this list, please let us know!

Artist: Justin Gershenson-Gates

A Mechanical Mind : Etsy Shop

Artist: Cay Brøndum

Cay Brondum Studio : Interview by Hodinkee

Artist: Susan Beatrice – All Natural Arts

All Natural Arts Studio Website

Artist: Dan – Watch Parts Motorcycles

Watch Parts Motorcycles @ Facebook

By Cory Berry

Cory Berry is an internet jack of all trades and has been highly involved with Swiss watches since 1996 when he began working for Bernard Watch. He has learned a lot about the Swiss watch and internet industries in that time. and has witnessed brands rise and fall, seen watch close-outs come and go, and observed many trends. At Bernard Watch, Cory helps customers find the right watch (or watches) for their wrist. He designed and manages He enjoys writing about watches and managing the company’s social-media properties.


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