Watch Notes Of The Week: SIHH Exhibitors

The SIHH Exhibition is arguably the second largest watch event of the year and it’s about 1 month away (Jan 19). It’s celebrating its 27th anniversary! Richemont Group has the largest presence. Audemars Piguet and Richard Mille are the most well-known brands not from the Richemont roster. Below, are some current and past models offered by brands showing at SIHH.

Omega To Certify Their Master Co-Axials Through Non-COSC Institute

If you follow Omega on Instagram like me, this morning you may have noticed your Omega feed full of men’s faces. Notably SWATCH Group CEO Nick Hayek and OMEGA President Stephan Urquhart. Omega, in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) has announced a new watch certification for the Master Co-Axial series. While… Continue reading Omega To Certify Their Master Co-Axials Through Non-COSC Institute

SWATCH ETA Movements, Pushing Ahead With Hamilton H-21 and H-31

Hamilton H-21 (modified ETA Valjoux 7750)

With the introduction of the Hamilton H-21 and H-31 SWATCH has stepped up their game by providing two very significant improvements to the 40-year old Valjoux 7750 movement: Improved Power Reserve and Accuracy. Learn more about how this budget-friendly brand is bringing great innovations to consumers. We also goes into some minor detail on the (dwindling) supply of ETA ebauches to other non-SWATCH Group brands.