Which Watch Is Better? A Submariner or a Seamaster? Late 90s to Early 2000s Edition

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I am frequently asked “Which watch is better, an Omega Seamaster or a Rolex Submariner?” and the answer is difficult and complex unless the inquirer is very clear about which models of the two watches they are comparing and what they want to get out of the watch. The first step to finding the answer is to realize is that all Submariners are not the same and all Seamasters are not the same. There are … Read More

Rolex Submariner 116610 vs 16610 Comparison

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The 16610 model of Submariner Date was discontinued in favor of the 116610 model Submariner Date, which is often referred to by its most notable feature as the ceramic bezel Submariner. So when discussing features, we should start with the bezel. This is the most exciting and visually accessible difference between the two models. The ceramic bezel (officially Cerachrom) insert is certainly interesting as a material. It is for most purposes scratch-proof unlike the 16610 … Read More

Swiss Dive Watch Photographs & Observations

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It is no secret, we sell a lot of dive watches here at Bernard Watch. Like an SUV and rugged terrain, many “professional” dive watches will never see their way around a SCUBA suit or inside a diving bell. Also like an SUV, they are tough and built to withstand the elements. This makes them a great every-day watch! Just about every major Swiss brand offers a diver’s watch of some sort. For this blog … Read More

Things You Should Know When Buying A Rolex Submariner 16610

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Stainless Steel Submariners often look very similar and you might have a hard time telling them apart at first glance. Here are what we consider the key features when deciding on a Submariner Date (model 16610) with aluminum bezel: The Solid End Link or SEL bracelet. You can find this bracelet standard on Steel Submariners with Date (16610) produced after 2001 or so. The solid end link bracelets added a little bit of weight to … Read More

Fake Rolex Tell Tales – Submariner How To Spot a Fake

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If you are looking for a genuine Rolex Submariner to buy, please review our Rolex Submariner inventory. We had a gentleman come in one day to offer a Rolex two tone blue Submariner he had bought mail-order from someone in Florida. Original Rolex boxes and booklets accompanied the watch. Nice touch, it makes you want to let your guard down. This watch is a good counterfeit with most of the markings. When I picked up … Read More