Help for Bernard Watch Co.

How do I purchase from your company?
  • You can order directly online by clicking "Add to Cart" from the listing of the watch that you are interested in. and then following the buttons to proceed. If you exit the cart after adding a watch to continue shopping, any watches in your cart will remain saved in the cart at the top of the left hand menu.
  • You can click on any Cash Price and be taken to a form where you can inquire or submit an order.
  • You can call us at 800-200-2724 between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. CST Monday through Friday to place an order.
  • You can submit a trade offer via the "Sell or Trade" option on the left hand menu.

All watches are sold on a first come first service basis. A hot model can often end up with several buyers so we check all timestamps from phone calls, orders, e-mails and trade-in forms to make certain that the first person to order receives the watch.

For US customers, we accept most forms of payment, including credit cards, PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payments and bank wires. You can learn more about our Payments Accepted in our policies section. International customers, please review our International Order Policies.

I have a watch for sale. What watches do you buy? We are primarily interested in modern Swiss watches with retail of $500 or more. We have little interest in watches valued under $500. We are also interested in any close-out deals regardless of the watch values. If you have a piece (or a few), fill out our Watch Sales Questionnaire.
What is the number with millimeters (mm)?

It is the diameter of the case of the watch, not including the crown. On rectangle cases it is side to side, and tip of lug to tip of lug. 1 inch equals 25.4mm.

What does "Never Worn" mean? These watches have never been worn or sold to an end user. They are the same condition and generally have everything you would get as the ones you would buy from an authorized dealer who sells only new watches.
What does "Like New" mean? These watches are generally trade-ins by an individual who wore the watch infrequently and gingerly. One has to look very closely to distinguish from new.
What does the water resistance rating really mean?

Water resistance is normally expressed in meters. This rating is only theoretical and refers to the depth that a watch will keep water out if the watch and water are both motionless. These conditions never really exist in real life because the users arm movement dramatically increases the pressure on the watch, along with the water moving itself. The chart below should help you understand how deep you can really go with your watch.

Measurement Units: 1 meter is about 3.3 feet / 1 ATM (atmosphere) or bar is 10 meters
  • If a watch is labeled only "water-resistant." It can withstand splashes of water but should not be submerged in any water.
  • 50 meters: suitable for brief water exposure
  • 100 meters: suitable for standard swimming pools
  • 200 meters: suitable for recreational scuba diving
  • 1,000 meters: (roughly three-fifths of a mile).

Watches should never be put in a sauna or a hot tub since the exposure to heat can easily make the gaskets lose their shape and ability to keep water out.

Watches should not be worn in the bath/shower. The soap suds reduce the surface tension of the rubber gasket in the watch, which allows water to get in. The soap can also damage the seal itself. So we highly recommend you do not bathe with your watch.

I'm looking for a specific watch. Do you have it? Can you get it?

Everything we have for sale is on our site. Due to the nature of our business we never know what we will be getting next. If you have a watch you are looking for, feel free to email your request.

Why do some Rolexes have green stickers on the back?

Many people confuse the green sticker on the back of a Rolex with a sign of authenticity because for decades Rolex issued watches with a green sticker on the caseback bearing the Rolex mark and the model number of the watch.  Modern Rolexes bore a holographic sticker to deter counterfeiters, but this proved to be ineffective.

In late 2007 Rolex stopped putting the green sticker on the back of their watches - replacing it with a transparent sticker.  Rolexes made after late 2007 should not have a green sticker on the caseback, only a clear plastic sticker.  A Rolex with a green sticker on the caseback is a 2007 or earlier production model. 

The green stickers were meant to be removed before wearing the watch, so many of our preowned Rolexes made before 2007 will not have a green sticker on the caseback either.  A great number of people did choose to wear their Rolexes without removing the caseback sticker, so sometimes you will notice preowned Rolexes that still have the green sticker.  There is little significance to the presence of a green sticker on a preowned Rolex or the lack thereof.

A green sticker is not a reliable indicator of authenticity and a potential Rolex buyer would be well advised to research the seller, not the sticker. BernardWatch has over 30 years of experience determining the authenticity of watches and in all of our years we have never even accidentally sold a fake watch.