Why Sell Your Watch To Bernard Watch?

Bernard Watch is constantly in need of watches that sell for $600 and up. If you have a modern Swiss (or German) watch for sale, give us a shot at buying it.

Please fill out our Sell Us Your Watch or Trade-In Trade-Up form to get a quote.
We buy watches outright and pay immediately, we are not a consignment store.

What will happen after I fill out the form to sell my high end watch?
  • Our buyer will examine your offer and reply within 1 business day with a bid, usually within a few hours.
    • Your privacy is a top concern - We will never pass your information to another buyer or share your e-mail with anyone.
    • You have no obligation - We know you want the highest price when you sell your watch - anyone you take your watch to should be willing to give you a bid in writing and that is what we provide.
  • If the offer is of interest, you can insure and send your watch to us by UPS.
    • If you would like for us to e-mail you a prepaid insured label and deduct the cost of shipping from our bid, please let us know. Prepaid labels will typically deduct $40 for Second Day or $60 for Overnight.
    • Please note that we do NOT want you to send us a watch without a bid.
  • Once we receive your watch we will examine it to make certain it is authentic, in good running order and that the condition is as described.
    • When your watch arrives as described before Noon, we will send funds the same day we receive your watch.
    • When your watch arrives as described after Noon, we will send funds the following business day.
    • With the bid we e-mail you, we will provide several choices of payments to get you paid in one or two business days.
How Do I Get Paid?
  • We pay one of two ways:
    • 1) We send an ACH Transfer from our bank. We require your bank name, address, routing and account number - typically found at the bottom of a check. This type of transfer costs nothing to receive and will have the money in your account in one to two business days.
    • 2) We 2-Day FedEx you our company check. We just need your name and address. We deduct $20 from the bid for the expense.
How do I KNOW that I'll get paid?
  • We can understand if you are leery of shipping your watch to a company you are not familiar with. Bernard Company was established in 1990 and has been on the Internet since 1996. We are longtime members of the Better Business Bureau with an outstanding record. Check us out. I am sure we will pass your inspection.
What if there is a problem?
Long story short: we will send the watch back to you at OUR expense if we cannot get together on a solution.
  • If your watch needs service:
    • Mechanical watches need regular maintenance, just like a car and service is generally recommended every four to seven years. Watches that are in need of service will be rebid at $300-$500 less than what we originally bid depending on what it will cost for us to have it serviced. If you decline the new bid, we will send the watch back to you at our expense.
  • If your watch is improperly graded:
    • We understand that you do not sell watches professionally or grade them for a living. You thought the watch was Mint, but it was really well worn. Overgrading happens, in many cases we will just move forward with the existing bid. In extreme cases, we will rebid the watch and if you decline the new bid, we will send the watch back to you at our expense. On occasion we will turn down watches that are too rough - submitting photos of your watch will reduce the chance of this happening.
  • If your watch has aftermarket parts:
    • Some unscrupulous sellers will install aftermarket parts such as dials or bands without informing you. We know of at least one major jeweler sued by Rolex for this practice. Decades of experience enables us to identify such parts. We try to avoid watches with aftermarket parts and will usually just send these watches back at our expense rather than rebid them at a drastically reduced offer.
Why should you sell your Rolex or other high end watch to Bernard Watch rather than selling it on your own?
  • Safety
    • Craigslist and Ebay might be a great place to buy and sell some things, but they can also be full of scammers - BernardWatch.com is an A+ rated member of the BBB.
    • You can know that you will either get paid the amount we bid or you will get your watch back, there is no risk to you.
  • Price
    • We have decades of experience buying and selling Rolex and other high end watches.
    • Our offer will be our honest assessment of the market for your watch. If our offer is not the strongest you received, we would like to know. .
  • Convenience
    • What is your time worth? Answering questions from potential buyers on Ebay is time consuming and listing fees can add up. Showing the watch locally to a potential buyer off of Craigslist can be dangerous, or time-consuming, or both. Selling the watch on your own may take weeks or months.
    • When you sell your Rolex or other high end watch to Bernard watch, you will be paid right away, safely and securely.
Frequently asked questions about selling your Rolex or other high end watch to Bernard Watch.
  • Should I have the watch cleaned before selling it?
    • We prefer to do any polishing ourselves, we have experienced polishers with decades of experience.
  • I just had my watch serviced, will it be worth more?
    • Yes, if you have the records and can provide them to us, please note that in the comments field of your form.
  • My watch was appraised for a much higher amount than the bid, why is that?
    • Appraisals are for insurance replacement, typically this is done at an inflated value so that you can replace an older watch with a new model. Our bid reflects the fair market value of the watch that you actually have.
  • I added diamonds to my Rolex, why is not it worth more?
    • Aftermarket diamonds actually detract from the resale value to most collectors since they cause problems when you send the watch in for service. We would prefer to have an all original watch without the added diamonds.
  • I am outside the U.S., why will you you not make an offer on my watch?
    • The cost of shipping back and forth in the case of a problem is too high and there are further added concerns with potential customs duties being assessed weeks after importation. It is just too much of a mess, you will be better off finding a dealer in your own country.
Why can't I just call you for a bid?
Why can't I just call you for a bid?
  • A Verbal bid isn't worth the paper that its printed on.
    • You might want to shop your watch around to other dealers (in fact, we fully expect you to) and to do that, you'll need a real offer in writing.
  • We need some time.
    • We typically need to spend 15-30 minutes researching your watch to give you an offer. We could spend less time researching your watch, but then you wouldn't receive a fair offer.
  • We really do need time.
    • We receive a large volume of bid requests and it's much more efficient to do it this way.

Bernard Watch is interested in purchasing these Swiss brands:
A. Lange & Sohne, Audemars Piguet, Bell Ross, BlancPain, Breguet, Breitling, Bremont, Cartier, Chronoswiss, F.P. Journe, Girard-Perregaux, Glashutte Original, Grand Seiko, Hublot, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Longines, MontBlanc, Nomos Glashutte, Omega, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Sinn, TAG Heuer, Tudor, Ulysse Nardin, Vacheron Constantin, Zenith, and more!