Unveiling Our New Site

I am excited to unveil our new site to the public!  We still have a bit of work to do, but the site is largely functional and ready to go.    We have re-designed many aspects of the site and hope the new presentation will allow you to enjoy browsing our watches even more than in the past.

For our visitors on mobile devices, we have no doubt you’ll enjoy our site much more, as mobile Apple and Android devices have been at hand nearly every moment of the design process to ensure a good experience for all platforms; from the 4 inch mobile screen to the 60 inch TV in your living room.

If you’re reading this, you can also clearly see that we now have a blog as well.  We’re excited that this platform will allow us to share more of our knowledge and insight with our visitors in the future, plus open the opportunity for public discussion on certain topics.

We will be adding more features, such as a social login, order history, improved in-site search results, an improved light box (image/gallery viewer) for our product images, improved picture uploads for people selling their watches to us, and more.  ..but if we waited to launch the site until all of that was implemented, we might not launch until October!

For the the rest of August, our 2 sites will run side-by-side, and share the same data.  Around the 2nd week of September, we will shut down the old site and this new site will be the one and only bernardwatch.com!

Thanks for reading and checking out the new site!  We would be happy to hear any comments (criticisms, concerns, and praise).  You can leave comments on this blog, email me directly, or submit a form on our site.


By Cory Berry

Cory Berry is an internet jack of all trades and has been highly involved with Swiss watches since 1996 when he began working for Bernard Watch. He has learned a lot about the Swiss watch and internet industries in that time. and has witnessed brands rise and fall, seen watch close-outs come and go, and observed many trends. At Bernard Watch, Cory helps customers find the right watch (or watches) for their wrist. He designed and manages BernardWatch.com. He enjoys writing about watches and managing the company’s social-media properties.

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