Bernard Co. (BC) warranties this watch for a period of one year from the date of purchase to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. This warranty excludes damage or wear to case parts such as the crystal, strap, bracelet, bezel, crown, pushers and battery. The watch is warranted against moisture or water damage if we represent the watch to be water-resistant. Do not bathe with the watch. If you notice moisture in your watch, notify us immediately. We do not want rust to damage the movement of the watch. Do not use the crown or chronograph pushers while the watch is wet.

Our liability is limited solely to the repair of the watch if returned to us. BC reserves the right to refund the purchase price. BC may also replace it with a watch of comparable value, if acceptable to both BC and the original purchaser.

This warranty is void if this watch has been tampered with, taken apart, abused, or repaired by anyone except BC without our permission. If the watch needs servicing, return it to BC with a copy of the original invoice and a description of what is wrong with the watch.

It is not necessary to send us the box or instructions. Most servicing can be done in 45 days, but can take longer however. Package your watch carefully, and send the watch insured to: Bernard Company; 3834 Spicewood Springs, Suite 201; Austin, Texas 78759. 512-342-2229.