Breitling Chronomat Watches

The Breitling Chronomats that were produced and sold between 1941 and 1942 may bear the name of the present-day model, but that is where the recognition ends. The modern rendition of the company's leading model was launched in 1984 in a (obviously successful) attempt to rebirth the mechanical chronograph. The new pilot-friendly Chronomat was meant to be handy in a cockpit, with more prominent pushers and crown, a useful trait for a pilot wearing gloves. The new model also did away with the patented slide rule, replacing it with a rotatable bezel studded with "rider tabs" that could be reversed to represent a countdown timer. The Chronomat is available in hundreds of different combinations, including case metals (only stainless steel, stainless steel mixed with 18 karat gold in various combinations and arrangements, and solely 18 karat gold), dials, and straps and bracelets.

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