Rolex Datejust Watches

    The Rolex Datejust is the best selling Rolex model on the market, and has been for decades. It was first introduced in 1945. The gents model is 36mm in diameter and typically came on a Jubilee bracelet. Rolex seems to have changed their tradition on this and is sending more Datejust models out the door with the Oyster band. Models with domed (aka smooth) bezels are available, but less common. Most have the fluted bezel, which is 18k white gold on the steel model. In stainless steel, the gents with domed bezel (116200) run $6,600 on Oyster, or $6,700 on Jubilee. With 18k white gold bezel (116234) they run from $7,850 on Oyster to $9,900 with diamond markers and Jubilee bracelet. The 36mm Datejust is offered in more variations than any other model. In addition to all steel cases & bracelet, the Datejust can be bought in steel & yellow gold, steel & rose gold, or in all solid gold (white, rose, or yellow). Variants also include many dial choices and diamond bezels. The Datejust comes in 4 sizes, Lady 26mm, Mid-Size 31mm, Gents 36mm, and Datejust II at 41mm.

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