Rolex Day-Date Watches

The Rolex Day-Date (introduced in 1956) is sometimes referred to as the Rolex President, although it is actually the band (introduced the same year) that accurately bears that name. The two have become so interchangeable that even aficionados who know the difference will refer to day-dates (even if they bear another band) as a "President".

The very early versions of this model did not have very quick changing movements and would take some time to change the day and date overnight. The 1556 caliber fixed this problem, but setting the watch was still time-consuming, the first quick-set models would not appear until the 3055 caliber in the late 1970s. The double quickset would follow in the late 1980s. The bracelet for this model remained largely unchanged for decades. In 2000 Rolex updated the model with a heavier version of the President bracelet and more modern finish and shape to the lugs. In 2008 Rolex introduced a larger size known as the Day-Date II which saw the case go from 36mm to 40mm in diameter.

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