PJ’s Watch Notes of the Week

Rolex : GMT-Master II with Serti Dial : 16718

The gold GMT Master II is already rarely seen in comparison to the gold Submariner Date, but this piece is even more uncommon with a factory champagne dial with eight serti set diamonds and three rubies.  The jubilee band with hidden clasp is in great condition with very little play.


Breitling B-1 : A68062

The most functional watch in the world.  Well, that may be an overstatement, but it is certainly up there with the best. This is the first version of the B-1, made between 1999 and 2001.  The alarm and dual time zone make it ideal for travelers.  The movement is similar to that used in the Breitling Aerospace, but the chronograph pushers allow for instant use of the function.  This piece also has a nice heft compared to the Aerospace.


Omega Dynamic Chronograph : 5240.50

The Dynamic is a little known Omega model with a classic sporty look.  How many Omega automatic chronographs can be found for under $2,000?  Not many.  I expect the Dynamic Chronograph, along with Speedmaster MK40s to become more and more sought after as watch sizes drift back towards the 39mm range.


TAG Heuer – SEL Chrono ‘West McLaren Mercedes 98’

Very cool limited edition from 1998.  In fact, this the very first limited edition McLaren model from TAG Heuer.  The case back features the signatures of Mika Häkkinen, David Coulthard and Ron Dennis.


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