The New Rolex GMT-Master II with Blue & Black Bezel

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This Rolex was introduced to the world in April 2013 at BaselWorld. The watch clearly features the unique blue & black two-tone bezel and the 2nd hour hand is blue. Some people in the watch forums have been calling in the Rolex GMT “Batman” due to the color combo. Except for the blue accents, this watch is the same as the black bezel’d 116710.

You may have noticed the retail for this version is $500 more than the black bezel version. The reason is due to the added complexity of the blue and black ceramic bezel. Prior to 2007, on the steel GMTs, the bezel inserts were aluminum, and adding different colors to aluminum was elementary compared to the techniques needed to make this blue/black cerachrom bezel a reality. Cerachrom is Rolex’s patented proprietary system for creating their own ceramic. When Rolex introduced their original cerachrom bezels in 2005, Rolex said making a two-tone cerachrom bezel would be impossible. Some people at Rolex must have accepted a challenge to do the impossible.

Rolex starts with a completely blue mono-block cerachrom bezel, and then while it is still porous, they add a special solution of chemical compounds. Then, during the sintering stage (sintering is a method for creating objects from powders), the ceramic takes on its final attributes. The numerals on this bezel are a thin layer of platinum and the cerachrom bezel is diamond-polished.

The guaranty card included with this model states it is a 116710B, however Rolex and just about everyone on the internet refers to it as the 116710BLNR.

You can read more about this watch and process used to create the bezel on Rolex’s website.

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  1. The GMT-Master II Red and Blue “Pepsi” bezel, ~1984, has always been a favourite of mine yet nearly impossible to locate. Earlier this year I considered the Submariner Date, but fell in love with the GMT-Master II 116710B[LNR] which I just received this morning. The craftsmanship of a fine Rolex yet unique enough to stand on its own without being ostentatious.

  2. A word on cerachrom. I have an 116610 that I wear everyday as a roofer. It goes through a really hard day everyday. At 1st I thought to protect it by taking it off and putting it in my pocket during actual work, but found the tough bracelet was gouging itself. Nothing scratches 904L like 904L! So, for over 6 months I just wear it. My case and bracelet seems to be as scratch-able as all my other watches, but . . . the entire face of the sub is brand new. That cerechrom is otherworldly.

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