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Founded: 1955
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Stocked Styles: Admiral's Cup
Eterna Though the company was founded in 1856 by Dr. Josef Girard and schoolteacher Urs Schild, the name Eterna didn't show up on a watch dial until 1889, a year after Schild passed away and more than two decades after Girard left to focus on medicine. Eterna was an early adopter of the wristwatch, patenting the design for the first wrist alarm clock in 1904 and beginning serial production of the design in 1914. In 1948, Eterna -- a company valued highly for its manufacture of movements used in other brands -- invented the ball-bearing mounted rotor system, an innovation that would become a standard among automatic movements. It also led to the Eterna logo: five small spheres arranged in a pentagon, representing one of the company's crowning achievements. Among Eterna's other major accomplishments was the 1980 "Museum" design, a quartz wristwatch which had a height of 0.98mm -- less than that of a dime! Eterna, which was bought in 2011 by Hong Kong-based China Haidian Holdings Limited, continues to produce dignified, reliable timepieces in addition to manufacturing ultra-thin movements.
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