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Bulgari The Italian jewelry giant Bvlgari began making watches in the 1940's but it wasn't until the famous Bvlgari-Bvlgari design of Gerald Genta in 1977 that the watchmaking of this company became a serious collection. With the founding of Bvlgari Time in Neuchatel, Switzerland the company's watchmaking experience has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2000 Bvlgari purchased both Daniel Roth and Gerald Genta, established companies in the manufacture of complicated mechanical watches. In 2004 Bvlgari introduced their first in-house grande complication, followed swiftly by their first tourbillion and minute repeater in 2006.
Founded: 1884
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Chaumet Chaumet traces its origins to the appointed jeweler of Napoleonic Empresses Josephine and Marie-Louise, Etienne Nitot. Joseph Chaumet officially established the House in the Vendome in 1907. Primarily a jewelry house of the finest quality, the watch collections of Chaumet reflect an artistic interpretation of timekeeping.
Hublot Hublot is an infant brand among the centuries-old Swiss giants with which it competes, yet within years of its founding in 1980 became known as the watch of European royalty. Within months of its introduction the Hublot had caught the eye of the King of Greece, quickly followed by the King of Spain, the King of Sweden and the Prince of Monaco. Few brands can claim such a speedy successful rise as Hublot. Hardly a watch enthusiast can be found today without at least one rubber-strapped watch in their personal collection - they are standard equipment on sport watches, but at the time the Hublot (French for porthole) was introduced, rubber was not to be found on a fine timepiece. The rubber strap is specially made to not crack or stain, it is chemically fused with steel for strength and mixed with a rare and potent vanilla to eliminate the odor associated with rubber.  New elements and materials are being brought together to form pieces such as the Big Bang. We are proud to offer many pieces from the classic Hublot line, luxurious, but not flashy, comfortable, but not dressed-down.  LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton) recently added the Hublot brand to its growing portfolio of watch companies which include Zenith, TAG Heuer, Chaumet, Fred, Dior and DeBeers.
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Founded: 1980
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TAG Heuer

A legend in sports timing and official timekeeper of the Indy Racing League. While the company was founded in 1860, the legend of Heuer was born during the Olympic Games of the 1920s. The games were measured by the Mikrograph, designed by the son of the company's founder, it was capable of measuring 100ths of a second with its balance beating at 360,000 oscillations per hour. In 1985, Heuer joined Group TAG (Techniques of Avant-garde). Several models honor the company's long history of sponsoring teams and timing the worlds most famous races - The Monaco Grand Prix, the Carrera Pan-Americana and the Formula One Italian Grand Prix.

TAG Heuer continues to move this brand upmarket, introducing Chronometer certified movements in many models including the Link Calibre 6 and the recently announced Calibre 8 movement for the Grand Carrera GMT as well as an upgraded Calibre 17 RS movement for the Grand Carrera Chronograph. A Zenith designed Calibre 36 Chronograph movement, also Chronometer certified, is available in both the Link and Monza model line.

Founded: 1860
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Stocked Styles: Link : Grand Carrera : Autavia : Carrera
Zenith Originally established in 1865 by watchmaker Georges Favre-Jacot, Zenith has been crafting fine timepieces of all kinds in the small Swiss city of Neuch√Ętel for over 150 years. Since their inception, Zenith produces its works entirely in-house, from design and creation to finalized and tested products. In more recent years, Zenith become known for its incredibly precise in-house movement, the El Primero. This caliber is widely recognized as one of the most sophisticated and accurate mechanical chronograph movements in the industry and is seen in many different models of Zenith chronographs. It was the El Primero caliber that helped Zenith come out of the quartz movement crisis at full speed, ready once again to produce fine mechanical watches. Today, Zenith watches are appreciated both for their functionality as well as their fine craftsmanship and elegant designs.
Founded: 1865
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Stocked Styles: Defy : Pilot : El Primero