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Founded: 1908
Ebel EBEL (Eguene Blum et Levy) was founded in 1911.  The company rose to significance primarily as a manufacturing and assembly plant for other watchmakers under the leadership of the family founders.   A partnership with Cartier helped launch the company into the modern era.  In 1972 Ebel launched a collection which cemented their high luxury status.   The Movado group acquired Ebel in 2003 from LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Moet & Hennessy).   The acquisition was intended to allow the Movado group to move further upmarket.  The 1911 line is a tribute to the founding of Ebel.  Particularly desirable 1911 models utilize the company's in-house Ebel calber 137 chronograph movement which is C.O.S.C. certified.
Founded: 1911
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Movado One of the older watch manufacturers still in existence, Movado was originally founded in 1881 by Achille Ditesheim. The company quickly grew from a small workshop to employing over 80 watchmakers by the turn of the century. Movado is notable for several iconic models as well as interesting and unique innovations to the watchmaking world. Their Polyplan watch, first released in 1912, was the first curved watch model released. Watch enthusiasts around the world were enamored with the design, and the company began garnering global attention. Their most iconic watch, though, remains the Museum Watch, originally released in 1948. The minimalist design featured only two slender sword hands, a solid black dial, and a simple circle, representing the sun, at 12 o’clock. The Museum was so popular, it was immortalized in the Museum of Modern Art in 1960, and has since inspired an entire line of pieces that still, to this day, carry the hallmarks of the original design. The company has gone through several changes in ownership, but the Movado name has stayed intact, likely due to the iconic and award-winning timepieces and styles the company is known for.