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Armand Nicolet Armand Nicolet is a small company based in Tramelan, a town in the Jura Bernoise, Switzerland. The company was founded by Armand Nicolet a 19th century watchmaker, who was in his day a recognized personality in the watch industry. The company maintains a collection of historic pieces made using the companies privately owned movements. Armand Nicolet's masterpiece in 1901 was a chronograph with complete calendar and minute repeater. The company that bears his name is not a "brand", the watches are made by artisans in a small three-story atelier and each watch is shipped with its own printed timing report. Armand Nicolet focuses on pieces with complications, Complete Calendar, Regulator, Power Reserve, GMT, etc. using their own calibers based on ETA movements. The company remains a little known brand due to the small number of pieces manufactured and the limited availability in the U.S.
Bedat Bedat & Co recently celebrated their 10th anniversary after a rapid rise to success under the Gucci groups management. Bedat was formed when Christian Bedat along with his mother Simone, left Raymond Weil in July of 1996. Simone Bedat helped found Raymond Weil in 1975, while her son was responsible for the popular Raymond Weil W1 line. Each watch Bedat makes is certified by the A.O.S.C. quality label certifying that each part is of Swiss origin. The 4 Bedat watch lines numbers refer to the shape of the watch. Number 1 refers to a square shaped case, number 3 tonneau, number 7 rectangular and number 8 is the cushion shape.
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